What is this all about..

Why this site.

In the beginning of 2016 I had a pretty common life. I owned a beautiful house, had a great job, did a lot of sports and enjoyed the weekend with friends. I saved all my vacation days to take a big trip once a year. Traveling like this gave me the benefit of traveling for 4 to 5 weeks at the time. This allowed me to travel far and see a lot during these trips. The big downside was that I had to work for the rest of the year. This had to change...

I've sold my house, quit my job and started traveling all year round as a Digital Nomad. My journey can be found on this site. I will tell about the places I visit, the people I meet and the good and the bad of working while traveling.

What I do.

I work and live as Digital Nomad, sounds fancy, but does that mean? I'm a Software Developer which designs and builds custom software solutions. Like most of my colleague developers, I used to spend most of my working hours behind a computer in a gray office. The good thing about being a developer is that the only 'tool' I need is my laptop. Oh, and some internet access from time to time would be nice. This means that I can do my freelance job not only in the office, but basically everywhere. So I generally do the same job but this time "out of the office".

Software engineer / Traveler

Jeroen Janssen

First of all I'm an Engineer. In the biggest variety you can think off. At work I develop custom specific software applications, mostly related to production processes (Manufacturing and Execution Systems). Outside business hours I try to combine software electronics and mechanical engineering to build anything from electrical cars to robotics and drones. Simply because it is fun!

Next to that I'm an adventurer. I love to travel the world, meet new people, wonder exotic places and experience local habits. The best things I ever did; Paragliding on the foot of the Himalayan, Walked the great wall of China, Celebrated Holi in Jaipur, meet the Orang Asli in the Taman Negara and surf at Zigatella beach.

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