With my Street Triple R


This summer I will be driving my motorbike through Europe. As a driver who recently got his license, I run into different challenges. But like always, good challenges will create the best stories!

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The famous turquoise waters

Belize, how to survive a hurricane!

The last few days of Guatemala I was living under a rock. No power, internet or cell reception. This let to a big surprise when I eventually came back to civilization.

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Vulcano Fuego from the base camp

Climbing volcanoes in Guatemala

Although I like to hike short daytrips and I see myself as quite fit, I cannot call myself a trained hiker. Yet I signed up for this fantastic adventure. Climbing volcano Acatenango (3.976 m)

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Chichen Itza

Visitors in Mexico

Beach volley on white beaches. Swimming with whale sharks and turtles. Visiting world wonders. Buying drinks in golf card drive throughs. I can continue for a while but nothing describes my two weeks break better than this video!

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Playa del Carmen

Trinidad sometimes looks like an old filmset

Cuba, Countryside

Trinidad with it's paved roads and horse cards felt like an old movie set. Although Havana already was a complete new world for me, leaving the city behind to explore the countryside gave me even more insights about how the country works.

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Havana, Malecon

Cuba, Havana

Classic cars, big cigars, cheap mojitos and live music. Havana, the capital of Cuba has so much soul! Although people don't have much they are always friendly and enjoying live. Cuba is defiantly a place like I've never experienced before...

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Havana, Cuba


Five weeks of surfing

The biggest advantage of being a digital nomad is to be able to work on every location. This gives me the opportunity to practice this fantastic sport which is almost impossible in the Netherlands. There is not better way to start a day of work with a good surf! Check out the video!

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Puerto Escondido

Exploring every angle of Tonina

Exploring ancient Toniná

Multiple ancient old Maya temples are scattered throughout the south of Mexico. During my previous trip I’ve already visited Palenque and the world wonder Chichén Itzá. This complex is less famous but just gigantic as most others.

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El Chiflon - Good view

Birds, water and lots of dust

Traveling as Digital Nomad does have its challenges. Locations to work with comfortable tables, opportunity for quiet phone calls, internet and most important good coffee are not always easy to find. Additionally the time difference is also something to take in account. Especially when the Netherlands already switched to daylight saving time and Mexico switches a week later. But this is all part of the adventure just like the things you can undertake in the weekend…

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San Cristobál

San Cristóbal de Las Casas and it's surroundings

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, a small village in the middle of Chiapas. The town is filled with small restaurants, shops, busy streets and lovely people. This is the place where I started my new lifestyle of working and traveling.

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San Crístobal de Las Casas


Not the best start...

It has been a bit quiet from this side of the ocean. Not because I did not wanted to blog but because things did not exactly started the way I hoped. I’ve been sick for most of my first week. More about this later, let’s start with my last few weeks in the Netherlands.

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To Mexico

Bacalar, Mexico

Part 3: How it all started

My plans are spreading quickly. Especially the “sold” sign in front of my house speeded things up. The reactions I get are really diverse. Some think I completely  lost my mind by saying goodbye to my job and house. Others think is very brave to take this big step. And a few even got jealous when I tell about my plans. Read what drove me to make this choice.

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Travel plan

Part 2: Travel plan

The things I barely do before my travels. Prepare and plan. For sure I always dig into the need of a Visa or vaccines, but more than that and buy a last minute Ticket is mostly it. This one is a bit different though...

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Hampi, India

Part1: Working around the world

Here it is! My first post on my own blog! Why? Since I’m about to make a big change in life. I’ve sold my house, I’m gonna quit my job and will start living as a Digital Nomad.

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