With my Street Triple R

It all started a long time ago when I was traveling in Indonesia. On Java, I met two guys who were traveling on a lightweight motorbike. We had a small chat and they invited me and my friend to join for a ride the next day. It was my first experience on a motorbike and I was sold. The bikes gave us the freedom to visit small villages with huts on poles in the middle of the jungle. No car could come there. Especially since we crossed a bit scary, bamboo rope bridge. What an adventure! A few years later I got triggered again. We wanted to rent a scooter in Goa, India and the only thing they had was an old Enfield. “Take this one” is what the guy said. But I had no Idea how to handle it. Before I started my Digital Nomad Adventure I added one additional preparation to my list. Get my motorcycle license. And I did!

For more than a year I’ve been traveling through Latin Amerika and was eager in traveling by bike. I came across quite a few places where I could rent a bike, but when asking for a motor-suit I got this weird look. Look, back home we have motor clothing in this “retro style” where it is hard to see that it actually has protection. In Latin Amerika, they pushed this to the next level because it was very difficult to distinguish a motor suite from a beach outfit. Shorts, t-shirts, and flipflops are very fashionable. As a moto-newbie, I decided to wait.

This summer I’ve decided to catch up with the dream. Traveling by motorbike, on the decent road of Europe. On my flipflops... Just kidding.

When I’m writing this I’m in Munich and already traveling for 2 weeks. I’m on the bike for about 2 a 3 days a week, moving from one place to the next or exploring the area without luggage. I’m slowly moving south to meet with my brother and his family in Italy. When setting out the route I’ll avoid all highways and take the smaller curvy roads. This already bought me some unplanned adventures.

My navigation told me to take a left. I looked at the road which was, small but pretty good and I went in. The road, who let me into the forest, slowly became a path. The asphalt became loose and morphed into gravel. I could not see far ahead since the road was very curvy. When the gravel turned into a stroke of grass with two lines of sand I started to think by myself. “after the next corner it is better, it will be good. Just focus.” As a new driver, on road tires, I was sweating like crazy while maneuvering around the bigger rocks. The path continued and slowly turned into a mud pool. I stopped for a bit to think about the options. The part in the middle was too high to get up and the path to small to turn the bike around. Especially with all my luggage in the back. I decided to continue true the mud. The tip of my boots, belly pan went completely through the mud. I slowly continued and made it out of the forest again. The bike, luggage and I covered in slush but, an adventure richer. 😊


On my way to Trier Piesport Trip to Eltz Castle Eltz Castle Eltz Castle main square Eltz Castle main square Eltz Castle On my way to Munich Lunchbreak at Kaiserslautern When going off the beaten track, you run into unexpected things like this traditional parade. Neuschweinstein Castle Neuschweinstein Castle Neuschweinstein Castle main square Neuschweinstein Castle. What is there to add...
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