Visitors in Mexico!

Chichen Itza

I absolutely love my lifestyle! Traveling to all these amazing countries. Work from beautiful and inspiring offices. I pick my locations based on interest and weather so it’s basically always summer! The best of all is that I spend my relatively long weekends exploring the environment, surf, dive, hike and enjoy! Although it all sounds perfect, it does have a downside…

After traveling for months you do start to miss family and close friends. The people who know you the best and understand you by just looking. Modern ways of communication make a big difference. Calling, with or without camera, works really well these days. But nothing beats seeing each other in real life. So the best thing that happens is if people ask you: “Hey Jeroen, where are you? We’re going to pay you a visit!”

In June I cleared my agenda for two weeks to travel with Marcel, Marlous and Amparo trough Yucatan and Quintana Roo, Mexico. What a blast!

Marlous, thank you for making this amazing video!

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Posted by Jeroen Janssen

Jeroen Janssen - Thai Mahal
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